Contemporary artist, Manuel Mané, was born in Achern, Germany in 1985.

His passion for art begun after viewing a documentary film about Jean Michel Basquiat, which greatly inspired the young autodidact artist and greatly influenced his visual language.

One of the main reasons that drew Manuel Mané to paint, was a for of self-expression, seeking for the reduction of chaos in one’s existence, through bringing one’s emotions and feelings on canvas. When in the creative process, Manuel admits, that countless ideas come to him simultaneously, connecting various elements in the form of the painting.

The artist gives the titles to his canvases, although he avoids describing them in more detail. The artist stipulates that each and every spectator has their own unique truth and understanding, that allows them to interpret his art in a singular way.

Manuel Mané considers that there is not one truth, but rather there are countless possibilities to perceive of the so supposed reality. One sees what one wants to see subconsciously, each spectator is the creator of his own world. According to the artist: “We do not see through our eyes visually; we see through our mind what is described as “the inner eye”.